The Museum’s Mission

Why a museum?

1,500,000 Jews fought in World War II.
250,000 Jewish fighters fell in the war.
Wherever they fought against the Nazi enemy and its accomplices, Jews fought in all arms, units and in all positions and ranks.
The Jewish people sought to help as much as possible. Many enlisted, volunteered and joined the combat units, the partisans, the undergrounds, all the Allied armies, in every role, ready to fulfill any mission.
The number of those who joined the war among the Jewish people was relatively high in the world.
Unfortunately, people, especially the Jewish people and Israel, are not aware of these figures.
World War II is connected to the public with the concept of Holocaust and its victims.
Little was mentioned about the partisans and fighters of the ghettos, but most of the stories about Jewish fighting - was silent.
The establishment of the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II was intended to complement a missing chapter in the historical picture of the reaction of the Jewish people and its contribution to the elimination of the Nazi regime from its racist ideas and the removal of the threat to its existence.
If we want to know our past and those who did it, to cultivate a sense of respect and respect for those who served, we must raise the issue of the Jewish fighter in World War II to public awareness.
We must dispel the fog from the faulty story of the reaction of the Jewish people to the Nazi aggression.
While the world is fighting for its freedom, land and borders - the Jewish people are fighting for its life!
The Museum of the Jewish War in World War II will be a central element in building a culture of uprightness based on Jewish resistance.
The museum offers an opportunity for the Jewish people - to tell the chapter of heroism during the Holocaust.
For families - to commemorate their loved ones, and for the Jewish communities - to commemorate their heroes and their commitment to their countries.

The mission of the association

The Association for the Establishment of the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II, was legally established on 30. 8.2006.

The goals are:

1. The establishment of a memorial site for the Jewish Soldier in World War II, in order to tell and illustrate the story of the fighting and heroism of 1.5 million Jewish fighters in the Allied armies, underground and partisan ranks during World War II, and their contribution to achieving victory over Nazi Germany and the Axis countries. To mention the contribution of the fighters to the establishment of the IDF, to the victory in the War of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel.
2.  To maintain an information& educational center, and the study of the Jewish fighter in World War II and related to it.
3.   To hold seminars and theoretical activities on Jewish fighters in World War II.
4. To establish and manage funds to finance and assist scholarships, prizes or financial grants for works, publications, articles, studies, activities and other works whose theme will be related to the memory and activities of the Jewish fighters in World War II.
5. To assist, as far as possible, in the publication of memoirs that were composed or written about the fighters.