The temporary exhibition

The temporary Exhibition

During the Second World War, the Allies, led by the United States, the Soviet Union and Great Britain, participated against the Axis countries - Germany, Italy, and Japan.
It was an open struggle between the free world and the Nazi and Fascist regime.
This war took a heavy toll on humanity as a whole and especially on the Jewish people: 6 million of its sons and daughters perished in the Holocaust.
When the Allies announced a total mobilization in their countries for this war, the Jewish people responded to the call, mobilized in large numbers into the armies of the fighters and in percentages that usually exceeded their numbers in the general population in their countries and served in all arenas, soldiers, ranks and positions.
About a million and a half Jews fought in the war, about a quarter of a million of them fell on the various fronts.
While all the fighters fought for their freedom, the Jews also fought for the existence of the Jewish people.
As members of the Jewish people, wherever they are, we have a duty to remember the role of the fighters and the dignity of those who fell.
The Government of Israel decided to establish a museum that would perpetuate the Jewish fighter in World War II at the Yad LaShiryon site in Latrun.
We see the establishment of this museum, a unique site of its kind in the world, in which one of the rare chapters in the history of the Jewish people's heroism will be exposed.
The establishment of the museum was intended to correct the historic injustice of commemorating a million and a half Jewish fighters in World War II and its goals:
To tell and illustrate to the visitors the story of the fighting of the Jewish soldiers in the Allied armies, underground fighters and partisans during World War II, in achieving victory over Nazi Germany and the Axis countries.
To emphasize the chapter of Jewish heroism in one of the most tragic periods in the history of our people.
To note their contribution to the establishment of the IDF, to the victory in the War of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel.
To serve as a center for the education of youth and IDF soldiers.
In Latrun, we established the "foyer", which presents basic and representative data on the participation of Jews in World War II, focusing on the story of the Jewish fighter in the war, and through it, to reveal its scope and variety.

Pictures from the opening ceremony of the exhibition

From the words of the project's director - Brig. Gen. (res.) Zvika Kan-Tor at the opening ceremony of the exhibition

Opening speech


In the past, in the framework of nurturing the goals of Zionism, there was a concept that called for "negation of the Diaspora," to develop the image of the Sabra and to erase the image of the Diaspora Jew. In the name of this thought, the historic memory of the Yishuv, the establishment of the state and the establishment of the IDF is patched.

World War II, which changed the worldview about the importance of establishing an independent state for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, was established in memory as a Holocaust.

The generation of founders, who set the foundation stones in the education of the nation, has memorized two titles: "walking like sheep to the slaughter" and "holocaust and heroism." At the same time as the tragedy of the Holocaust was emphasized, the heroism of the Jews in the war was noted in four main points:

The Warsaw ghetto uprising, the partisans, the Jewish Brigade and the paratroopers.

Today, 60 years after the courageous uprising of the Jewish minority in the Warsaw ghetto against German power, it is possible and necessary to instill in public awareness that the Jews fought even more.

About one and a half million Jews fought in the ranks of the Allied armies in all the ranks and ranks of the command, from the privates to the commanders of the armies, on land, in the air and in the sea, in the underground and in the ranks of the partisans.

Out of a nation of about 18 million people - a million and a half fighters!

A high percentage of fighters from every other nation in the world who fought against the Nazis and their collaborators!

In the absence of a Jewish state, they fought under the flags of their countries, loyal citizens, but as Jews fighting for their existence.

About two hundred and fifty thousand Jewish fighters fell in the war.

Their wonderful story remains outside the national memorial image.

We, the members of the "Yad LaShiryon" organization, beyond the original goals of the organization, out of a deep awareness of the Jewish heritage of heroism, decided to rectify this injustice!

At our initiative, the Government of Israel made a decision to establish a museum that will tell the story of the fighting of the Jews during World War II and expose the chapter of Jewish heroism in the war.

Until the museum is built, we have decided to create a number of intermediate goals in order to bring the subject to the public's attention.

Today we open the entrance to the Museum, the World War II Jewish Soldier Exhibition, where basic data will be presented and represent the participation of Jews in the war and their contribution to the victory over the Nazi enemy.

To mention the contribution of the thousands who returned from the battlefields to the Land of Israel, the establishment of the IDF, the victory in the War of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel.

Our goal - to change the image of "sheep to the slaughter", to present our image in the appropriate light, to bring it into the national and international consciousness, and we will succeed in this.