Foundation Declaration of the Association

Contents of the Basic Charter for the Establishment of the Museum:

This is to testify that today, September 4, 2002, on the road to Jerusalem, in the fifty-fifth year of the State of Israel, at Yad LaShiryon in Latrun, the memorial site of the Armored Corps, laid the foundation stone of The Jewish Fighting Museum in World War II.

The period of World War II is the Holocaust period of the Jewish people.

In an attempt by the Nazis and their henchmen, to destroy the Jewish people wherever Germany was,

Six million Jews perished.

The Jewish people have created their memory and respected their heritage.

The period of World War II is also the period of Jewish fighting against the armies of Nazi Germany and its partners. About one and a half million Jews participated in World War II as fighters against the Nazis,

Within the armies of the Allies, in every front, in every arm, in every position, in every rank,

The battlefields and the hinterland, forests and ghettos.

They fought not only as citizens of the Soviet Union, the United States, Poland, Britain or other countries. They also fought as Jews and their comrades-in-arms knew it.

About two hundred and fifty thousand Jews fell as fighters in World War II.

Along with six million Jews who perished, because they were exterminated, it should be remembered that another quarter of a million Jews perished, because they fought and fell.

Moreover, all of them, worthy of being written in the history of the Jewish people, In order to preserve their memory and respect their heritage.

The Museum of the Jewish Fighting in World War II, to be established at Yad LaShiryon in Latrun, will bring the stories of fighting, heroism and fall in armored formations.

 In the rest of the ground forces, in the air and in all the other units, among them the stories of volunteers from the Jewish community in Eretz Israel, among them fighters of the "Brigade", who fought against the Nazi enemy, as soldiers of the Jewish army on the way.

The Museum of the Jewish Warrior in World War II will be established in Yad LaShiryon in Latrun, in accordance with the decision of the Government of Israel in cooperation with all the organizations of the fighters in World War II.

At the "Yad LaShiryon" memorial site in Latrun, the Armored Corps fighters, throughout their generations, say to their comrades who fell:

"Your heroism was our armor; our friendship will be yours forever"

On this site, the Armored Corps will say to the Jewish fighters during World War II,

"Your heroism has given us life; our esteem will give you eternity."

This is testimony and this is what we have signed:

The President of Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel and its ministers, fighters, heads of the Veterans' organizations and members of the Yad LaShiryon organization.

The scroll was written by Professor Asa Kasher.