The museum garden

Creating a garden is as creating life.

Sowing and evolving. Life.

War is destruction and havoc.

Especially World War II, which occurred all over the world bringing disaster to humanity in general and to Jews in particular.

The colour green symbolizes growth. War is not like that.

Black smoke of war machines and fires, rising into the gray sky. Silver metals cutting into puddles of blood. Lots of blood. This is a World War.

The museum's garden design tries to reflect this reality by creating dramatic interactions between gray, red and black, anointed across the garden in shapes and textures, creating tension and interest. A kind of introduction to what is expected for one inside the museum.

It is not a two-dimensional painting hanged on a wall, but a live and changing creation, designed with many layers of height, depth, space and colour. The garden can be experienced from the roof top of the museum, where the whole picture becomes clear.

A green-less garden. Is that possible?

Garden Landscaping by Roee Kantor, "Eye Reservoir"