Bnei Brith Volunteers

Bnei Brith Workshop

Members of the Bnei Brith organization who expressed their desire to help the theme of the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II, met for a preparation workshop.

The first two meetings took place in the Beith Rokach Museum in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

Below is a link to some of the lectures:

Lecture by Dr. Yitzhak Arad (Tolka) about the Partisans

Lecture by Dr. Tamar Ketko - Changing the historical perception

The third meeting took place in Sharona Tel Aviv and included the lectures of the museum historian - Col. (Res.) Dr. Benny Michelson

A.  Overview of World War II, the arenas and countries.

B.  The Jewish people on the eve of the war and the Jews in the various armies and organizations.

The last meeting took place at the museum's establishment site at Yad LaShiryon in Latrun - 30.10.2019

  Below is a link to Dr. Benny Michelson's lecture about volunteers from the Jewish community in Eretz Israel to the British Army