Steering Committee

Steering Committee - Joint Committee for the Government and the Amuta*


1. Approval of the detailed program of the project, including the budget framework, and the recommendations of the public council regarding the goals and contents of the memorial site. 

2. Approval of the detailed plans for the construction of the memorial site, its planning and design, as well as the examination and approval of changes to the plans if necessary. 

3. Approve an annual work plan for the project and examine and approve changes to the plan if necessary 

4. Determine and approve the entire project budget, and its annual budget 

5. To approve the organizational structure of the project manager 

6. To approve the procedure for conducting the engagements for carrying out the project 

7. Discuss and / or decide on any matter that it seems fit and / or on any matter brought כםרfor discussion

Government representatives: the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Culture and Science, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Construction and Housing. 

Representatives of the association
The committee ceased to act after the end of the 2015 government decisions