Operation boatswain

Special Operations Executive  -  Operation Boatswain

 "Operation Boatswain" was an operational missions carried out by the Hagana as part of the cooperation between the Jewish Yishuv in Mandatory Palestine and the British during World War II.

In the early summer of 1941 the British military authorities agreed to joint operations against Vichy France forces in Lebanon and Syria. The first planned action was a sabotage mission against oil installations at Tripoli, Lebanon. It was feared that the refinery would provide the Wehrmacht aircraft fuel, and help thwart the planned invasion of Lebanon and Syria. The refinery was in an area well fortified by a unit of Senegalese troops from hostile French army.

On Friday 18th. May 1941 the "Sea Lion" (in Hebrew Ari Hayam) Commando boat embarked from Haifa Port on "Operation Boatswain". Aboard the boat were , SOE Officer Major Sir Anthony Palmer and 23 Hagana members. Their mission was to destroy the oil refineries near Tripoli in Lebanon. The Commandos disappeared without carrying out their mission and they are missing ever since.

The "Sea Lion" and its crew never reached their destination.

Major - Sir Anthony Frederick Mark Palmer - Observer, Special Operations Executive (SOE)

Lieutenant - Zvi Spector - Operational Commander

Warrant Officer 1 - Isaac Hecker

Sergeant - Gershon Kopler

Sergeant - David Nafha

Private Gelbert Arieh

Private Mordehai Cohen

Private Arieh Eizen

Private Jacob Gordon

Private Sami Hanovitz

Private Baruch Jacobson

Private Menaham Kurakin

Private Abraham Nuriel

Private Nerial Paglin

Private Mordehai Plonchik

Private Zeev Rotman

Private Ariel Temes

Private Shimon Utchitel

Private Ephraim Veiman

Private Haim Weisman

Private Yehuda Zerner

Warrant Officer - Katriel Yofeh - Skipper of the "Sea Lion"

Warrant Officer - Amiram Shohet - 2nd. Hand of the "Sea Lion"

Petty Officer - Israel Norden - Engineer of the "Sea Lion"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=La8A_uvfU_0 כ"ד יורדי הסירה