The Warrior Drawings

The Warrior Drawings

Kobi  Lapid  - a warrior, who  fought  as a tank crewman in Yom Kippur War, brought  to the canvas, Drawings of Jewish Soldiers in World War II.

The rescue from Rabat, Morocco 
The amazing story of pilot Julius Allen Cohen, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by King George VI of England.

The explosion of the railway bridge over Gorgopotmos Canyon in Greece,
by a British commando force, under the command of Eddie Myers,

The army of the Soviet Union - the Battle of Kursk - the largest armored battle in history
סרזנט קלמן מאושוביץ שור
וגריגורי שאולוביץ אושפוליס 

The fighting in the Pacific Ocean - the commander of the American destroyer - Lieutenant Commander Leon Samuel Kintberger, in the naval battle of Samara, off the coast of the Philippines. He brought the destroyer closer to the Japanese vessels, launched torpedo bombs at them, then maneuvered very close, so that the destroyer's guns would have a better range for accurate fire on the Japanese ships. For his courage and excellent command, he was awarded the "Naval Cross".

The volunteers for the ATS British Army

Victor Mirkin
Fought as a Company Commander and more, within the France free army, in the Western Desert

The nurse Rivuchka
Riva Orman, was a combat medic in the USSR army. The image describes the activities of the saturated paramedic. Her hand supports the casualty and around her wounded fighters.  In Background combat forces, and the main synagogue of Berlin.

Major General Maurice Rose 
Commander of the 3rd Armored Division of the US Army
One of the finest US military commanders in Europe, towards the conquest of the city of Cologne 

The battle to block the invasion of the Egyptian Army (The bridge "Ad Halom")
Four Messerschmitts of the Israeli Air Force, commanded by Lou Lenart, Http:// 
With Modi Alon, Ezer Weizman and Eddie Cohen, attacking the Egyptian force, near Ashdod, and causing him to withdraw from his mission to invade Tel Aviv

The Sonderkommando revolt at Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, on 7 October 1944 And the story of Rosa Robota