War Chronology 1943

War Chronology 1943


10 The beginning of the Soviet attack against the German forces in Stalingrad. Armed resistance in the Minsk-Mazowiecki labor camp in Poland.

12 The beginning of the Soviet attack against the siege of Leningrad - Operation Iskra ("Spark").

13 Joachim Simon(Shushu), organizer of the Zionist pioneering underground in the Netherlands, was caught by the Gestapo.

14 The "Casablanca Conference" began with the participation of Churchill and Roosevelt to coordinate Allied strategy in Europe.

15 A second "Akzia" in the Warsaw Ghetto and the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

15 The Jewish partisan unit "Lions" under the command of Julian Eisenman takes control of the town of Dzabice in the county of Radom.

18 First armed resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, a street battle under the command of Mordechai Anielewicz.

20 The deportation of Jews from the Theresienstadt Ghetto to Auschwitz.

23 British forces liberate Tripoli - Libya.

26 The liberation of Voronezh, in southwestern Russia, by the Soviet Army.

27 The first American bombing of Germany.

30 The organization of the Jewish Military Organization (ZZW) in the Warsaw ghetto.

30 Establishment of a secret organization in the Ostrov Schweintokovski camp in the county of Radom, led by the Kopel brothers and Moshe Stein.

31 The surrender of the German Sixth Army in Stalingrad.


2 The Battle of Stalingrad ended.

5 First armed resistance in the Bialystok ghetto in Poland.

9 The Battle of Guadalcanal in the Pacific ended with an American victory.

14 Commencement of the battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia.

16 The Red Army occupied Kharkov-Ukraine.

18 The Teheran Children who left Russia with Anders Army and reached Iran arrive in the land of Israel.

19 Japanese air attack on the port of Darwin Australia, 243 dead.

22 Members of the White Rose anti-Nazi resistance group were executed in Germany.

24 The establishment of the Salonika ghetto.


4 Beginning of the deportation of the Jews of Macedonia to Treblinka. Members of Herbert Baum's group are executed in Germany.

5 Joseph Broz (Tito) established the partisan brigade in Yugoslavia.

13 The extermination of 2000 Jews from the Krakow ghetto upon its closure.

Armed clashes between the Jewish Fighting Organization and the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto.

15 The first deportation of Greek Jews to the extermination camps.

30 The establishment of the "Battalions of the Struggle" headed by Yechiel Scheinbaum in the Vilna ghetto.

31 Departure to the forests of an armed group from the Swincian (Svencionys) ghetto in Lithuania.


13 Berlin Radio announced the discovery of mass graves of the Katyn Forest massacre in Poland.

18 The shooting-down of Japanese Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto's plane.

19 The outbreak of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. A company of Jewish resistance fighters in Belgium stops a prison train on its way to Auschwitz permitting the prisoners to escape.

20 Exit to the forests of a first group of partisans from the Vilna Ghetto.

22 Rene Abarbanel, one of the leaders of the resistance movement in Montenegro, alias Rada Chiorovich, was executed by the Chetniks after being wounded in the battle.


1 A German plane sank the ship "Erinpura" 664 soldiers drowned, 140 of them were soldiers of the Palestine 462 Transport Company.

2 The beginning of the deportation of the Jews of Amsterdam to Auschwitz and Sobibor.

The fall of the Bunker in Mila  18 and the death of the Commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Mordechai Anielewicz.

9 The surrender of the German and Italian forces in Tunisia, the end of the fighting in North Africa.

10 A group of fighters of the Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB) left the Warsaw ghetto to carry out partisan activities in the Wyszkow Forests.

16 The blowing–up of the Great Synagogue ended the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Operation Chastise,- British bombers attacking dams in Germany.

17 A battle between the Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB) of the Brody ghetto and large forces of the German army and Ukrainian police.

In the battle against the Germans in Warsaw, the fighters of the Jewish Military Organization and their commander Paul Frankiel fell.


1 Armed resistance during the liquidation of the Lvov ghetto in Ukraine.

25 Armed resistance of the Jewish Fighting Organization in the Czestochowa ghetto in Poland.

30 The destruction of the Jewish partisan unit under the command of Yechiel Braverman in a battle with large German forces in the Radom region.


1 Organization of a group of Jewish partisans, "Revenge" in the Narocz Forests of Lithuania.

5 The Battle of Kursk began.

9 Operation Husky, Allied invasion of Sicily.

12 Cessation of the German offensive in the Kursk region.

15 The Red Army attacks Kursk.

19 The Allies bombed Rome-Italy.

24 Beginning of Operation "Gomorrah " - the bombing of  Hamburg  in Germany.

25 Benito Mussolini is deposed and arrested.


2 A revolt in the Treblinka concentration camp in Poland.

3 Armed resistance during the liquidation of the Bedin ghetto in Poland.

16 Outbreak of the Bialystok ghetto uprising. A revolt in the Krychow labor camp in the Lublin region - Poland.

17 The capture of Sicily by the Allies under the command of Generals Patton and Montgomery.

19 Roosevelt and Churchill signed the Quebec Agreement to cooperate in the development of an atomic bomb.

23 The battle of Kursk in Russia ended with the victory of the Red Army.


1 Armed resistance during the liquidation of the Tarnow ghetto.

2 A battle between the Mordechai Anielewicz partisan unit and the large German forces in the Wyszkow Forest.

3 Allied invasion of Italy.

8 The prisoners of the Jewish camp on Rab Island [Yugoslavia] gain their own freedom and form a Jewish battalion.

9 The departure of five organized groups from the Vilna Ghetto to pursue partisan activities in the Narocz Forests.

11 The liquidation of the Minsk ghetto.

12 Organization of a Jewish partisan unit in the name of Ordzhonikidze in the vicinity of Novogrudek in western Belarus.

20 The occupation of Rome, by the Germans.

25 The liberation of Smolensk ) by the Red Army.


1 The occupation of Naples by the Allies.

2 Thanks to the rescue operation of the Danish underground, about 9,000 Jews managed to escape to Sweden.

8 The destruction of a Jewish partisan unit under the command of Joseph Glazman in a battle with the Germans in the Rudniki Forest in Lithuania.

12 Participation of the Jewish Partisan Unit "Zygmunt" under the command of Zalman Feinstat in a large partisan battle near Pinczow, Poland.

13 Italy declared war on Germany.

14 A revolt in the Sobibor concentration camp in Poland.

18 Deportation to Auschwitz of 1,000 Jews of Rome..

20 A battle of Jewish partisans in the Gilov Forest near Zilchow in the Warsaw area Shmuel Ozlak, commander of the Jewish partisans in the area, was killed.

Lebanon gained independence from France.


1 American forces invaded the Solomon Islands.

6 The Red Army liberated Kiev, Ukraine.

17 A group of Jewish partisans under the command of Yehoshua Zucker took over the prison in Borshchev in Eastern Galicia and released the Jewish prisoners.

19 The uprising of inmates of the Janowski camp in Lvov, Ukraine.

22 The Cairo Conference - Roosevelt, Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek meet in Cairo to discuss the campaign against Japan.

23 Departure of the first partisan company from the Kovno ghetto to the Rudniki forests.

Publication of the Cairo Declaration.

28 The Tehran Conference with the participation of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill to discuss the invasion of Europe.


1 Mussolini's order to transfer all the Jews of Rome to a concentration camp and to confiscate their property.

4 Marshal Tito establishes an exiled government for Yugoslavia.

24 Dwight Eisenhower was appointed commander of Allied forces in Europe.