War Chronology 1944

War Chronology 1944


1 Syria received its independence from France

4 Commencement of the battle of Mt. Cassino south of Rome

6 the Jewish resistance in Budapest set up a workshop to produce false documents to help save Jews.

14 the Red Army launched offensives in Leningrad and Stalingrad.

18 Breach of the German siege of Leningrad

27 termination of the German siege of Leningrad

30 American forces invaded the Marshall Islands in the Pacific


3 capture of the Marshall Islands by the American forces

25 deportations of the remaining Jews of Amsterdam from Westerbork to Auschwitz

28 despatch of the last remaining Jews of Slovakia to Theresienstadt


12 the Red Army liberated Uman ,Ukrainia

15 departure of a group of Eretz-Israel parachutists to Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Rumania

18 Germany took over control of Hungary

24 General Orde Wingate was killed in an air crash over the Himalayas

27 beginning of the childrens’ “Akzia” in the Kovno Ghetto


10 liberation of Odessa by the Red Army

13Joel Palgi and Peretz Goldstein parachuted into Yugoslavia

28 beginning of the extermination of the ghettos in Hungary and deportation of the Jews


9 the Red Army liberated Sevastopol in the Ukraine

12 the Red Army liberated the Crimea Peninsula

15 beginning of deportation of the Jews of Hungary to Auschwitz

18 end of the Battle of Monte Cassino with victory for the Allies.


4 Mano Ben Efraim and Shaika Dan parachuted into Rumania.

5 the Allies liberated Rome

6 D-Day - Allied landing in Normand

The Red Army invaded Finland; arrest of the parachutist Hanna Senesh by the Hungarians

Launchng of the first V-1 from Germany against England

13 American forces invaded Saipan in the Pacific

17 Violetta Yakuba (Ivanka) Jewish partisan and Bulgarian national heroine captured by the Fascist police

18 Free French forces captured the Italian island of Elba

20 capture of the Solomon Islands and part of the Marianas

21 Allied forces invaded Burma

22 commencement of Operation Bagration –the Red army attacks Beloruss

25 commencement of the Battle of Tali-Ihantla between Finland and the Red Army


3 The Red Army liberated Minsk

8 Participation of Jewish partisans from the Rudniki forests in the fighting to free Vilna

13entry of the Red Army to Vilna; extermination of the Kovno ghetto

15 extermination of the Sahvili ghetto in Latvia

20 failure of the attempted assassination of Hitler

24 the Red army liberated the Maidanek extermination camp

25 entry to Lublin of the Jewish partisan company commanded by Yehiel Greenspan

26 Assassination by Jewish resistance fighters of Marc Karl Commissioner for Jewish Affairs in Lyons


1-Beginning of the Polish revolt in Warsaw

3-Death of Emil Shakradziski famed Anti-Nazi war hero in Bulgaria

4- Allied forces liberated Florence

5-Prisoners of the Ganshuvka concentration camp within the framework of the Jewish Brigade of the People’s Army and combatants of the Jewish Fighters Organisation joined the Polish revolt in Warsaw

6-elimination of the Lodz ghetto

10 American forces captured Guam in the Pacific Ocean

15- Beginning of Operation Dragoon – invasion of the South of France

16- Formation of a Jewish unit under the command of Shmuel Konigswein which participated in  the Polish revolt in Warsaw conducted by the Armia Krajowa

19- Attack on German positions in Paris by armed Jewish units

22 – Last deportation of  French Jews  to the extermination camps in Germany

23- Rumania surrendered

25- Allied forces freed Paris

26-participation of the partisan unit Liberte, most of whose members were Jews, in the battle to liberate Lyons

Beginning of the revolt in Slovakia

28- liberation of Marseille and Toulon

30-organisation of the Jewish battalion Novaki which participated in the Slovak revolt


2- Allie forces invaded Belgium

4- British forces liberated Antwerp

8- the Red army  invaded Bulgaria

9- Charles De Gaulle formed a government in France.The Red Army entered Sofia, Bulgaria joined the Allies

10- American forces liberated Luxemburg

11- Allied forces invaded Germany

15-Haim Hermesh and Zvi Ben Yaakov were parachuted into Slovakia

17- commencement of the Battle of Arnhem in Holland

19- American forces freed Nancy in France. Agreement of ceasefire between Russia and Finland

20-Announcement of the formation of the Jewish Brigade. A group of Eretz-Israel parachutists arrived in Slovakia

23- murder of Jewish prisoners  in the Kluge camp in Estonia

30- Canadian forces freed Calais in France


The Red Army invaded Yugoslavia

3-The Polish revolt in Warsaw ended with the surrender of the Polish forces.

German forces retreated from Greece.

Canadian forces invaded Holland

The red Army invaded Slovakia

7-Revolt of theJewish sonderkommando in the Auschwitz- Birkenau death camp

13-the Red Army liberated Riga

14-Allied forces liberated Athens

19-American forces invaded the Philippines

20-the Red Army liberated Belgrade

23-beginning of the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines

25-the Red Army invaded Norway (Finnmark )

31-deportation of 14000 Slovak Jews to Auschwitz


1-departure of the Jewish Brigade for the Italian Front

5- liberatiobn of Salonika (Greece) by the British army

7-Execution of Hanna Schenesh in Hungary

18-execution of the parachutist Enzio Sereni in the Dachau concentration camp in Germany

20-the parachutists Haviva Reik and Rafael Reiss were executed in Slovakia

23-annihilation of the Jewish partisan unit commanded by Avraham Haberman in a battle with the Germans near Lisa Wudi(?) in the Radom province

24- French forces liberated Strasbourg (France)

26-jewish partisan forces from the Dolce forests in the Krakow province  breaks through the front to the Red Army.

29-liberation of Albania


16- commencement of the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, Belgium.