War Chronology 1945

War Chronology 1945



1-The parachutist   Zvi Ben Yaakov was murdered in Mauthausen concentration camp

2- American counter-attack in the Ardennes

7- Battle for Luzon in the Philippines

12- The Soviets launched the final offensive in Germany

15- End of the   Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes)

17- Liberation of Warsaw by the Red Army. Evacuation of Auschwitz, beginning of the death march of the concentration camp prisoners of Stuthoff (next to Danzig, Poland)

26- The parachutist Aba Berdichev was executed in Mauthausen concentration camp

27- The Red Army liberated Auschwitz concentration camp[


4-Beginning of the Yalta Conference in the Crimea

11- Entry of the Red Army to Budapest

13- The Red Army liberated the Grossrosen concentration camp (part of Poland now) Massive bombing of Dresden

19- American forces invaded Iwo Jima

28-the American Army liberated Manila


1-the parachutist Peretz Bernstein was murdered in Oranienburg concentration camp

7- The 1st US Army crossed the Rhine

9- Massive aerial and naval bombardment of Japan

Massive aerial bombardment of Berlin by 1250 bombers

29- The Soviet Army invades Austria

30- The Red Army captured Danzig, Poland


1- US forces invaded Okinawa

4- Rebellion against the Germans of a brigade of the Georgian legion on the Dutch island of Texel

6- Death march of the Buchenwald concentration camp inmates

9- Capture of the Senio bridgehead on the Italian Front by the Jewish Brigade

11- Liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp

12- Harry Truman elected President of the United States following the death of President Roosevelt

13- The Red Army captures Vienna

15- Liberation of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp by the British Army. Allied forces captured Arnhem.

16- Commencement of the Battle for Berlin by the Russian Army

20- Capture of Hamburg by the British Army

21- Capture of Nurnberg by the American Army

22-freeing of Sachsenhausen concentration camp by the Red Army

28- Mussolini captured and executed (together with his mistress Clara Petacchi) by Italian partisans.

29- Liberation of Dachau concentration camp by the American Army and Ravensbruck concentration camp by the Red Army. Surrender of German forces in Italy

30- Adolph Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin


2- British forces captured Trieste. The Russian Army captured Berlin.

3-.Allied forces captured Rangoon, the capital of Burma.

5- Beginning of the uprising against the Germans in Prague. Liberation of Mauthausen Concentration camp by the American Amy. Allied forces liberated Holland and Denmark

7- Germany surrendered

8- VE (Victory in Europe) Day .liberation of Theresienstadt concentration camp by the Red Army

9- Liberation of Prague by the Red Army

11- Surrender of German forces In Czechslovakia

16- Liberation of the Channel Islands by the British Army


17- Commencement of the Potsdam Conference to decide the fate of Germany following its defeat in the war.


6- The Americans drop an atom bomb on Hiroshima

8- Russia declared war on Japan and invaded Manchuria

9- The Americans drop an atom bomb on Nagasaki. The Russian army invaded Manchuria and Korea

15-Japan surrendered. VJ (Victory over Japan) Day

30- British forces liberated Hong Kong


2- Japan signs surrender document on board the American battleship “Missouri “

3- Surrender of Japanese forces in the Philippines and Singapore

5- Occupation of Singapore by British and Indian troops

9- Official surrender of Japanese forces in China