The Jewish Soldier Medal

September 2, 2005, marking the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the Government Coins and Medals Corporation, in cooperation with the Yad LaShiryon Association, the Jewish Fighting Museum during World War II, produced the Medal of the Jewish Warrior in World War II.

And this is to certify that this official medal salutes the 1.5 million Jewish soldiers who acted against Nazi Germany in World War II and who are a significant part of the victory over it. Many of them joined the struggle for the establishment of the state, fought in the War of Independence and were among the founders of the IDF and the State of Israel.
On the face of the medal is a cracked warrior's helmet, from which a flower in the form of a lamp rises - a symbol of the Jewish warrior's contribution to the victory and revival of Israel against barbed wire to mark the victims of the Holocaust. On the reverse side, a sword and a Star of David, the inscription "One and a half million Jewish fighters" and the verse expressing their attack on the aid of their brothers who are evasive in the Holocaust: "I am with you to save you and save you."

The medal was designed by artist Eliezer Weishoff.